Abortion Doesn’t Empower Women. It Exploits Their Weakness.

One of the greatest political travesties of our time is that women are being deceived to believe that they have the right to destroy their own offspring and that being granted the legal ability to do so is evidence of female empowerment.

Modern day feminists and unscrupulous women passionately argue for abortion on demand, citing their right to be autonomous over decisions concerning their own bodies. The argument fails on its own logical merit, of course, because the matter of concern isn’t what they have the right to do with their own bodies but what rights they do not have to destroy the distinct human body growing and developing within them.

Nevertheless, one of the greatest ironies on the pro-abortion side in this debate – and there are many – is that the same women who claim that abortion empowers them fail to understand the weakness the decision to kill a child developing within their womb exposes.

Sure, the ability to abort the child they’re responsible for creating gives them more options. That said, it’s simply illogical to assert that empowerment is always dependent upon the ability to make a choice. Indeed, not having any choice but the best one is much more empowering than having the option to commit a heinous act in a moment of weakness and uncertainty.

Furthermore, the position that the ability to choose is a moral imperative can also be discounted on logical grounds for being a non sequitur argument. This can be demonstrated with little difficulty, as no proponent of pro-choice politics would be consistent in applying their logic when it pertains to the wicked actions of men.

Would feminists argue that men are being stripped of their “right” to empowerment because they’re being legally deprived of the ability to choose to molest children, beat their wives, or rape women?

If abortion advocates were consistent in their arguments they would be forced to logically conclude such detestable evils as being morally tenable choices. So it’s plain to see that the argument for the right to empowerment through choice is one that is easily reduced to absurdity.

We don’t have the right to choices that will harm or end the lives of innocent individuals, regardless of how much the absence of such a “right” may inconvenience us.

On a macro scale it must be recognized that a society in which one class of citizens is given legal hegemony to harm or kill another class will be unable to retain any semblance of civility. Violent class warfare will ensue and the civil society will crumble. This consequence has been hedged, at least temporarily, by the fact that the unborn are unable to defend themselves. Yet this is slippery slope on which we find ourselves.

The Decision to Abort is Made From a Position of Weakness, Not Strength

While women may feel empowered at the prospect of being granted the authority to decide whether they will allow their children to be born or torn apart and extracted from the womb, the decision to terminate their own children is the epitome of weakness.

Empowerment gives one the ability to be righteous and virtuous. It’s empowerment when one is able to muster the courage and conviction to do what is moral, even at the expense of significant personal sacrifice or inconvenience.

Therefore, there’s truly no more empowering calling for a woman – or one that is more rewarding – than that of nurturing, teaching, loving, guiding and pouring herself into her children.

Making a decision to unleash violence and death on another innocent human life for the sake of personal convenience isn’t a display of power. It’s a display of weakness and cowardice.

It’s personal weakness that leads someone to skirt the consequences of their actions. It’s weakness when someone decides that the innocent must suffer because they are personally hurting or inconvenienced. It’s weakness that leads a woman to take the easy way out and murder their child instead of taking responsibility for their decision to have sex.

I am not without sympathy for women facing the prospect of unexpected motherhood. Questions about the impact pregnancy and motherhood will have on lifestyle, career, finances, personal relationships, and whether the father will be there to support the child all must be considered.

The fear that sets in naturally leads to the desire for an escape. This desire compromises ones ability to make sound judgments. Being in a state of desperation isn’t a position of leverage or clarity when making a decision. It’s always a position of weakness when one is unable or unwilling to evaluate the full breadth of all options with a clear mind in order to make the best decision possible.

Whether in business or politics, those negotiating from a position of power know how to take full advantage of this situation by exploiting the fears of others to maximize personal gain.

The truth is that the vast majority of women who walk through the doors of an abortion clinic with the intent of ending the life of their baby don’t do so brimming with feelings of empowerment. They do it with a spirit of weakness and hopelessness, feeling as if they have no other choice. These women aren’t in a position of power. They’re in a position of desperation, grasping for the easiest option to make the source of their desperation go away.

Having the “easiest” option of abortion available often precludes the consideration of the truly empowering, life-honoring choices also available to them.

If feminists and liberal politicians who hold up Planned Parenthood as a beacon for the empowerment of women truly wanted to empower women with choice, they’d be fighting to make certain that women considering the dismemberment of their own babies would be given the opportunity to explore all of the other nonviolent options first.

Women Are Being Fooled Into Believing They’re Empowered So They Can Be Exploited

Abortion Exploits Women - Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood

When politicians and abortion providers deceive women into believing abortion is an empowering, morally tenable option, they’re preying on a fear that is unique to women for their own political and financial gain.

Here is what’s really going on:

  • Planned Parenthood receives approximately 66% of it’s yearly revenue from government funding (41%) and abortion services (25%).
  • Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood donate millions to the campaigns of liberal, pro-abortion politicians.
  • Liberal politicians return the favor by fighting for pro-abortion legislation that will increase revenues for abortion providers through government funding and legal abortions.
  • Abortion providers bribe these politicians by continuing to fund their campaigns through political contributions.
  • Abortion providers are incentivized to provide abortions in order to maximize profits so that they can continue to fund the politicians that fight to funnel them tax payer dollars and give them legal immunity for committing murder for profit.

Legalized abortion on demand is not about empowering women and it’s not about choice. What’s really happening is that abortion providers and politicians are colluding to prey on women in a moment of weakness for financial gain and votes.

In other words, women in America are being emotionally exploited for the empowerment of others.

American women aren’t empowered by abortion “rights”. They’re being enslaved by their own insecurities and controlled by emotive rhetoric intentionally crafted to extract money and political power from them.

If it were truly about choice Planned Parenthood would explore all options with their clients and have a track record of more than just one adoption referral for every 149 abortions.

Instead, we have abortion providers and liberal politicians pushing for abortion rights and seizing on the weaknesses and insecurities of women. And it’s all done in the pursuit of money and power by making women feel as though their only choice is the one that will maximize their extraction of both from their unsuspecting victims.

In a stroke of evil genius the pro-abortion cabal has successfully convinced millions of American women that they’re actually the ones holding the power in this situation. All while they’re being taken advantage of and having their feminine vulnerabilities exploited.

The decision to murder an innocent human life can never be made from a position of empowerment. It can only be made from a position of weakness, because only the weak and insecure would choose to murder their own flesh and blood.

The choice to abort doesn’t empower women. It only exploits their weakness.

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– Craig James




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    Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks.
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