Beware the Yeast of an Emasculated Culture in Decay

Yeast is used as a leavening agent for bread. It’s kneaded through the dough before baking to make the bread less dense, easier to consume, and better tasting.

It only takes a small amount of yeast to permeate an entire batch of dough and give it these desirable characteristics. Just one teaspoon is enough to leaven an entire pound of flour.

Jesus used this common application of yeast as a metaphor to warn his disciples of the far reaching consequences of adopting toxic ideas and philosophies. Accepting even the most mundane teachings that aren’t aligned with truth often becomes the spark that sets off an inferno of personal compromise.

To give Jesus’ words some context, the disciples lived at a time when the religious leaders had set themselves up as the sole arbiters of truth. They were literally revered by the people as God’s spokesmen. What they proclaimed the people accepted.

Even if the commoners had reason to question what was relayed to them from on high, they held their tongues. To dissent was punishable by excommunication from Jewish society.

The religious leaders were the equivalent of the modern day alt-left. The only ideas they would tolerate were those they judged to be acceptable. Few resisted. Most chose conformance and comfort over truth. They went along to get along, not realizing the havoc they were storing up for themselves by doing so.

Jesus was warning his disciples that they must remain vigilant about holding fast to what is good and true, because it only takes a small compromise to start down a path paved with good intentions, yet ultimately ends in destruction. Could there be a more fitting metaphor for what we see going on in America today?

The powers that be have decided that masculinity is toxic. Incidentally, they’ve also prohibited anyone from recognizing that men and women have innate differences. Of course, these two sentiments are completely absurd, because they’re logically inconsistent. For how can men possess a toxic masculinity and women not possess it if there’s nothing distinct about the natures of men and women?

In a rational world ideas like this would be rejected outright and mocked mercilessly. But that’s not the world we live in. Not anymore. The yeast of dangerous and hypocritical ideas has been allowed to spread through the flour of western society for so long that the two are now ubiquitous.

The Mob Rules a Culture in Decay

The Mob Rules a Culture in Decay

Today, most choose to remain silent in the face of irrational and ruinous ideas. Some accept and actively promote them, but many more opt to maintain a position of obscurity, fearing the consequences of speaking out more than they value the promulgation of truth.

Indeed, the yeast of our emasculated culture now wields such power that it’s actually dangerous to fight back against it.

Distinguishing between something as verifiable as male, female, masculine, and feminine is no longer tolerated. To point out the self-evident differences of men and women is all it takes to get you branded as a misogynist.

Yes, to merely suggest that men and women are different in any way within our gynocentric society is tantamount to showing hate toward all women.

But tarnishing one’s character via ad hominem attacks isn’t enough for the modern day Pharisees. Those that dare to question the dogma they’ve instituted must also have their livelihood stripped from them. The culprit will either be sued into oblivion (if they own their own business), or their employer will be pressured with insidious threats until they cut the offender from their payroll.

Calamitous ideas like these are only able rise to societal prominence after enough individuals have either overtly accepted them or accepted them by their indifference. We must come to terms with the fact that doing nothing to resist treacherous ideas is to accept them. It’s been well said that for evil to accomplish its purpose all that’s required is for good men to do nothing.

It should go without saying that the acceptance of new ideas isn’t always a bad thing. Nevertheless, once absolute truth is deemed to be non-existent within a zeitgeist of postmodernism, it becomes impossible to objectively determine whether an idea is poisonous before swallowing it whole. This is the state of modern western civilization.

We’re left reeling from a ready, shoot, aim philosophy. We shoot without aiming, move the target to match the outcome, declare it a success and then vilify those who object.

Make no mistake. We are entangled in a spiritual war being waged in the arena of ideas. Every day we’re faced with ideas that force us to choose between actions that are aligned with who we desire to be as men and those that will compromise that desire for the sake of conformance and comfort. Our conformance comes at a tremendous cost.

The choice to compromise is a cancerous yeast that will continue to metastasize. The only way to remove it is to cut it out of us, because with every decision to concede truth it becomes exponentially easier to do so again.

Embracing a Culture in Decay Destroys the Spirit

Embracing a Culture in Decay Destroys the Spirit

Compromise doesn’t take long to become part of our personal constitution. When this happens nothing is deemed worth fighting for and we’re relegated to making ourselves as comfortable as possible in the decline. We transform into parasites sucking poison from the veins of a culture in decay as it slowly drains the life from our masculine spirit.

A society of rampant consumerism plays on the base internal desire we all have to conform and seek comfort. We’re led to believe that we’re better off being who we’re told we should be instead of shaping our lives to be the men of boldness, conviction, masculine strength and integrity we’ve been created to be.

Conforming consumers is not what we’ve been designed to be, men. We have been designed to produce, to build, to create, to be true to ourselves, to be confident in who we are, to take on difficult tasks, to love by taking a stand for truth, and not give the slightest damn as to what others might think about it.

To hell with accepting the mainstream ideas of those around us for the sake of conforming. We must resist the temptation to take the path of least resistance that the decaying culture has paved for us. Doing so only condemns us to an afflicted conscience as we subsist in a life of perpetual discontentment and mediocrity.

We must beware the yeast our dying culture in decay wishes to inject into the lives of those of us that threaten its continued destructive decadence. Men are a preferred target, because men have the power to defeat it.

Men reconnecting with the power of their masculinity is a necessary precursor for the yeast extraction process to commence. Masculinity resists complacency. It embraces discomfort, knowing that discomfort produces growth, and growth leads to excellence. It leads by example.

Masculinity creates men, fathers, and husbands that other men want to emulate. It loves courageously through self-sacrifice. It compels us to remain firm in our convictions. It empowers us to uncompromisingly stand for truth as we pass these virtues down to our sons and require them from those that make up our band of brothers.

These are the characteristics that defined the One who first warned against the yeast of a culture in decay – and perfectly resisted it – over two thousand years ago. If we are to have any hope of emerging from this war victorious then we will need to embody them, as well.

So let us pick up the shield of masculinity, put on the armor of courage, and stand at the ready to strike a lethal blow with the spear of truth.

– Craig James

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  1. BK on August 28, 2017

    Outstanding post, and a more powerful message than I ever hear in Church. Looking forward to whenever you publish a book. Or start a ministry.

    • Craig James Author on August 28, 2017

      I appreciate your words of encouragement. I consider the content I create online as being part of my ministry. God willing, it will continue to expand. Not sure if a book is in the future. However, as my following grows, I have plans to bring men together with the purpose of being united around the common principles of masculinity and holding each other to a standard of excellence.