Building a Strong and Honorable Name for Your Family

Your family name carries meaning when it enters the minds of others. And it’s the duty of the masculine family leader to shape the image of his family into one that’s built upon a foundation of strength, honor and virtue.

This foundation starts with the husband and father exemplifying for the family the principles he desires them to also exemplify. These principles must be reinforced and instilled in all family members with consistency if they are to take root and bear fruit in due time. Additionally, whenever the principles are violated, the family member(s) responsible must be taught to feel shame at their denigration of the reputation of the family name.

Within a family unit the actions of one is a reflection of all. The behavior of each member of the family contributes to the reputation of the sum of its members.

Eastern cultures place a premium on family names. In fact, men in these cultures have been known to choose death over having to endure the shame of dishonoring the family by their actions.

In the West, however, honor and virtue have been sacrificed on the altar of postmodernism. What’s honorable has become whatever each individual subjectively determines to be so. There’s little belief in absolute truth. This has resulted in each man deciding what is right in his own eyes, precluding the possibility of universally accepted virtues that would serve as a standard of right living and bless the culture.

Of course, those rejecting the existence of absolute truth lack the cognitive acuity to recognize that absolute truth must exist in order for their claim to be true, thus proving their claim false. After all, how can the claim that there is no such thing as absolute truth be absolutely true if absolute truth doesn’t exist? It’s logically self defeating. But it’s not as if logic carries any weight within a culture in which the institutions of higher learning teach veritable absurdities in a priori fashion. There are 72 different genders, didn’t you know?

Strong families may be the final bastion of hope, as it is the family that is endowed with the power to defeat the regressive ideologies permeating through the educational system and otherwise. The political left realizes this, which is why they continue to attack the traditional family with increasing fervor. They understand that if they can destroy the traditional family they will have fired the winning shot in the ongoing culture war.

With the traditional family on the verge of collapse a revival is desperately needed. The revitalization of strong families in America will require men as the leaders of the home to reconnect with the importance of being a living example to their wives and children of what it means to exhibit integrity, virtue, honor and work ethic on a daily basis.

This important issue is the topic of my latest podcast in which I discuss the following:

  • How men can lead their families in a way that will exemplify what it means to live in such a way that it will honor their family
  • What the book of Proverbs has to say about building a good name for yourself and your family
  • 3 ways in which developing a strong and honorable family name is more valuable than accumulating material wealth
  • Why having a reputable name for yourself will empower you to build desirable relationships with other virtuous masculine men
  • The danger in pursuing wealth without considering how the way you conduct business reflects on your family name
  • The characteristics of men who have continued to leave a lasting legacy many generations after their deaths
  • How accumulating wealth without first building character leads to waste and personal ruin
  • Why building a good name for our families commands the favor of others
  • Why money can’t be used to purchase an honorable family name
  • Specific steps you can take to build a strong and honorable family name
  • The principles I’ve instilled in my family that guide each of us toward virtuous living
  • What to do when you or someone else in your family acts in a way that tarnishes your family’s reputation
  • The origin of the “carrots and sticks” approach to encouraging desirable behaviors and hedging against undesirable ones
  • The power in leading by masculine example for our wives and children
  • What I desire others to think of when they hear my family name
  • Why being single is no excuse for neglecting to start developing a family name you can be proud of

Listen to the podcast using the SoundCloud audio player below:

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– Craig James




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  1. BK on May 26, 2017


    Great post. Highly recommend the new book The Benedict Option – on how moral Christians need to disengage from corrupt society and focus on their families and communities

    • Craig James Author on May 27, 2017

      Thanks for the recommendation, BK. I’ve added The Benedict Option to my future reading list. Cultural change is a change in the hearts and minds of individuals. You change enough individuals, you transform a society. The family shapes the minds of individuals with far greater efficacy than any other institution in existence. Muslims understand this and use it to their advantage by having children at a clip that far exceeds their non-Muslim contemporaries. Christians should take note.

  2. Philip Braselmann on July 18, 2017

    The first law in my hood “is show no fear”.
    Live by that and you will grow the reputation of your family.

    By the way, do you focus more on podcasting or blogging?

    • Craig James Author on July 19, 2017

      I wouldn’t say I focus on one more than the other. Both are integral to the mission of connecting my message with as many men as possible. Each medium provides unique opportunities for the content I produce to resonate with my audience.