How to Be a Good Father in Modern Times

Men, if you have children (or are planning to have them one day), it’s safe to assume that you’ve spent a considerable amount of time deliberating on how to be a good father.

If you haven’t, then I suggest you get started. For there’s no greater responsibility that we have as men than to prepare and train our progeny for the rigors of life that await them as adults.

Still, most of us find ourselves simply going through the day-to-day motions of being a dad. At times, it seems as if we have everything under control. Then, without any notice, the script is flipped, the walls are covered with pastel Crayola murals, and we feel like parental failures.

Never forget, guys, that we’re teaching and training other autonomous human lives here. And sinful ones at that. They’re not always going to follow our example or our advice no matter how diligently we pour ourselves into them.

This isn’t always such a bad thing, though. I’ll admit that there have been many examples I’ve set by my actions that I’m grateful my kids have decided not to emulate.

Our mistakes and personal shortcomings notwithstanding, fatherhood remains one of the greatest missions we have as men. And it’s a mission we can’t afford to fail.

That said, how many men today take the time to craft a vision of what they believe being successful in the mission of modern fatherhood should look like?

I must confess that it wasn’t until recently that I dedicated a focus on specifying the outcomes I desire my masculine leadership to produce in my family – and, specifically, in the lives of my kids.

In fact, it wasn’t until after reading Neil M White’s book, A Father’s Mission: Strong Fatherhood in Our Modern Times, that my desire to be a good father was transformed into a mission.

Neil joins me on the podcast today to discuss the mission of fatherhood and how father’s today must execute this mission if they’re to be successful.

Neil M White

Neil White - How to Be a Good Father

Neil M White is the owner of, a website that I would dare to describe as a “dad blog” for bold, masculine men.

Neil is a husband and father pursuing his purpose of helping other dads find their identities as those called to be the masculine leaders of their families.

He gives this calling the seriousness it deserves in his own life, because he understands that it’s more than just a responsibility. It’s a mission. And it’s one that Neil has distilled down into 6 pillars of successful fatherhood.

In today’s podcast, Neil and I discuss what these pillars are, why they’re indispensable for modern fathers, and how to apply them with focused intention to ensure the success of our families in today’s demanding, fast-paced world.

If you’re a father, or hope to be one someday, you’ll want to be sure to listen in – and be ready to take action.

Show Highlights

  • The six essential pillars of successful fatherhood
  • Why fatherhood should be viewed as a mission
  • How to define your mission as a father
  • Navigating fatherhood amidst a culture of gender confusion
  • The driving factor behind male suicide rates being far greater than female rates
  • Why it’s imperative that fathers learn to control their fear
  • How fathers can teach their children about the value of embracing discomfort
  • How to overcome struggles with self control that can harm a father’s ability to lead his family
  • Why it’s important for fathers to spend time outdoors with their kids
  • The responsibility of being a spiritual leader for our families

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