How to Build a Success Mindset

Every decision and every action we take as men is first conceived, filtered, and processed through the complex synaptic pathways of the mind.

These pathways aren’t rigid. They can be changed. Perhaps most importantly, they can be modified to our advantage. Yes, we have the power to use the mind’s elasticity to mold it in such a way that it will increase our ability to actualize our goals by several orders of magnitude.

In other words, our ability to succeed in the pursuit of our ambitions quite literally hinges upon the mindset we’ve molded for ourselves and carry into the battle of life.

Every one of us knows this to be true through personal experience.

Men simply aren’t successful at achieving anything worthwhile while being plagued with a mindset of incessant self-doubt from start to finish.

On the other hand, I can point to almost any noteworthy success I’ve achieved in life and recall the elements of irrational self-confidence, persistence, self-discipline, and consistent, intentional action permeating in the background.

Coming to this understanding is important. Admittedly, not that long ago I would have believed that attempting to transform something as abstract as the human mind in order to bend it to our will is nothing more than mental masturbation. An exercise in futility.

Not anymore. I’ve experienced too many instances in which I’ve been able to harness the power of a success mindset to be able to discount its veracity.

We absolutely can train ourselves to have a mindset that will all but guarantee our success in life by forcing us to consistently take the actions that are congruent with our goals, while simultaneously purging the distractions that aren’t.

My guest on the podcast today has also been convinced of the necessity of maintaining a success mindset, as he’s completely reconstructed his life by reshaping his formerly toxic mind.

Dylan Madden

Dylan MaddenDylan Madden is the owner of, a website that’s specifically designed for the man of action who isn’t content with his current situation in life and is willing to put in the work necessary to improve it.

Dylan’s website and his recently published book, Think and Go Hustle, are outgrowths of the aforementioned remaking of his life through the power of mindset.

Think and Go Hustle chronicles Dylan’s struggles attempting to play by society’s rules and how he’s since liberated himself to live and create wealth on his own terms by developing an impenetrable mindset for success.

As Dylan’s book makes clear, each of us has the life that we have earned, the life that we deserve. There’s nobody else to blame and nowhere else to go to turn things around.

The power to construct a new, better life resides within every one of us, but we must first be willing to do what is necessary to pull it out.

Listen in as Dylan shares the process of building a success mindset and how to using it to self-actualize our desires as men.

Show Highlights

  • The intricate connection between confidence and success
  • How to stop playing by society’s rules and start living on your own terms
  • How to write the script for your life’s success
  • The unlikely place where most obstacles to success originate from
  • Why playing the victim is a recipe for perpetual failure
  • How to brainwash your mind for success
  • The biggest lie we’re led to believe regarding what it takes to be successful
  • The real magic formula for success
  • How hustling can actually become a detriment to our success

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Think and Go Hustle by Dylan Madden

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