How to Create Money Making Websites with Kyle Trouble

Men have been designed with rationality and creativity. But we haven’t been given these gifts to keep them to ourselves. We are to use them for the benefit of others.

Moreover, it is only by sharing what we produce with others that we are able to reap the full reward for our efforts. To put it another way: producing things that are valued by others is how we get paid.

As a general rule, the more value we provide, the greater our potential will be to accrue wealth. For it’s the value of our creation that compels others to exchange currency for the opportunity to own or access it. The greater the perceived value, the more they’ll be willing to pay.

Every man should have a means of generating wealth that he can call his own. There’s nothing more empowering than creating something others value enough to exchange their hard earned money to attain it. The opportunities to make this happen are virtually limitless.

Indeed, it has never been easier to create value and get it in front of those that are willing to pay for it than it is today. The internet literally makes it possible to market our creations to billions of individuals whose lives have the potential be enhanced by what we’ve produced.

Every one of us possesses certain skills and life experiences that uniquely qualify us to improve the lives of others by providing solutions to their problems. It’s simply a matter of finding out what those problems are, creating the solutions, and exposing the solutions to those that need them. As the old business adage goes: find a need and fill it.

The most effective way to make our solutions accessible to the masses who need them is by putting them online. In fact, this website exists to be the solution for men who desire to live up to their full potential as leaders, providers and protectors.

That said, the thought of creating and running a website isn’t something most guys feel cut out for. They let their fear of the unknown keep them from sharing their solutions with the world.

My guest on today’s podcast is here to tell you that building a money making website to supplement your income with a few hundred dollars (or more) every month isn’t the complex process it’s often made out to be.

Kyle Trouble

Kyle Trouble - Make Money Online with Niche SitesKyle currently resides in the Czech Republic where he earns a living exclusively online.

Kyle got his start making money online by building a website that would allow him to use his personal success with women to teach other men to be successful with women, as well.

He’s still active in the dating game but has also diversified his streams of online income over the years. Kyle has done this by building a number of websites spanning a wide range of topics. These websites continue to add to his bottom line month after month.

As with his success with women, Kyle is using what he’s learned about building profitable websites to help others do the same. To that end, he has developed a training program that teaches the exact steps he uses to quickly create money making websites.

These are sites built with the purpose of bringing in additional income for you every month without you having to touch them again.

In today’s podcast Kyle covers the process with me in detail. The goal is to help you determine if supplementing your income by building small, profitable websites is something you should consider pursuing.

Show Highlights

  • What a niche site is and how it differs from a blog
  • How to determine a profitable topic to build a site around
  • Why niche sites are a great way to get started making money online
  • Why it’s important that your first website is based on a topic you’re passionate about (or at least interested in)
  • How to design a site without any past experience
  • Guidelines for choosing a good domain name for your site
  • How much content creation is required to build a profitable website
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • When to monetize your site (and the best methods of monetization)
  • How to scale up a site that’s already profitable to make it even more profitable
  • The most important aspect of building a successful blog
  • Why successful blogging takes a level of courage many aren’t willing to display
  • Why building an email list is necessary to grow a successful blog

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  1. PJ Pires on September 12, 2017

    Such a piece of awesome content. But people need to put work to make it happen.

    • Craig James Author on September 12, 2017

      Thank you, PJ. You’re absolutely correct. Kyle was very honest about the work required to build a profitable blog or niche website during our discussion. However, while there is no substitute for action, you can outsource this action (at least in part) if you have the budget for it.

  2. Tom Murray on December 3, 2017

    Serendipitous to encounter this podcast just weeks before launching our online business.
    I found it extremely helpful and have pages of notes and ideas to refine my strategy.
    Thank you for the great content.

    • Craig James Author on December 4, 2017

      Thanks for listening, brother. Glad you found it helpful.