A Man’s Purpose and The Pursuit of Greatness

I‘m convinced that greatness can only be achieved by men living purpose driven lives. The absence of a personal goal or mission makes a man’s life stale and stagnant. Without exception.

Purpose is intrinsically tied to our ability to achieve great things, because personal progress isn’t random. It isn’t a cosmic gift that’s imparted to the lucky few while the rest are relegated to mediocrity and hopelessness. Purpose begets action; action begets progress; progress begets greatness.

Greatness is the result of incremental progress that builds over time and culminates in the fullness of one’s purpose being unleashed on the world. 

A motionless existence is incompatible with progress, and is, therefore, in opposition to greatness. Drifting through life without an overarching sense of purpose leaves a man unmotivated, lacking conviction and unwilling to persevere when faced with challenges, setbacks or failures.

Such is the state of the average man today. He’s not concerned with greatness because there’s nothing in his life deemed worthy of expending the labor to attain it. Being unconcerned with progress in his own life his ego drives him to discount the efforts of others. He pretentiously views their ambition and high personal standards as misdirected, overzealous, or downright fanatical.

The Natural Trend Toward Being Unexceptional

Becoming great first requires divorcing oneself from being content with the unexceptional status quo. This is no small task.

There are many forces in the culture beckoning men not to stand out; not to be exceptional. To be clones of all the other emasculated, perpetually distracted saps in the cog, unwilling to do what is necessary to break free from the chains of mediocrity enslaving them.

The intense desire we have to be accepted by our peers and society only exacerbates this trend toward normalcy. To hell with conforming for the sake of being accepted by others. I’d rather be my genuine, exceptional self walking alone than marching in step to the insufferable drum of the masses.

Men trend toward conformity in search of a comfortable, secure, risk-free existence. They live out their days without purpose, being ceaselessly distracted by perversions, cultural entertainment, and fleeting pleasures. In doing so they become ordinary and squander their potential for greatness.

Ordinary and great cannot coexist any more than light and dark can. One purges the other.

Defeating The Curse of Purposelessness

Breaking Free from Purposelessness

Purposelessness is ubiquitous in western culture, which is why the average man today lives cursed in a state of perpetual discontentment. Our lack of perceived meaning in life has cut off the circulation of our masculinity and numbed us to the immense potential lying within our grasp.

We attempt to temporarily numb the pain with social media, sports, movies, drunkenness, drug use, porn, and a host of other unhealthy outlets. These outlets suppress our symptoms for a time, but the malignancy inside only continues to fester and grow.

We struggle to get out of bed, dreading what awaits us at the office and becoming complacent within our homes. Instead of maintaining frame and controlling our destinies, we have allowed our circumstances to dictate the trajectory of our lives. It doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s incumbent upon us as men to correct course by pushing back against the forces vying to keep us enamored with their “products” falsely advertised as the remedy for what ails us.

We must revitalize our repressed masculinity. This is step one. It’s impossible for us to mine out our innate desire for greatness as long as we’re living out of touch with our masculine nature.

Purpose, Progress and the Path to Greatness

Men aligned with their masculinity yearn for a chance to be exceptional. To be great. Challenges seen as discomforts to be avoided by the emasculated are for us missions to be conquered. Having this mindset provides us with a well of inexhaustible purpose as we strive for personal excellence.

As we endeavor to take action toward continual progress our character is inevitably refined. With each purposeful action we become better equipped to take on increasingly challenging yet rewarding goals in pursuit of our prevailing mission. Over time, actions that were once intimidating are able to be completed with ease, allowing us to forge ahead to face the new, more formidable foes blocking our path to greatness.

But before the first step can be taken on a man’s journey toward greatness his intended course must be charted. Our purpose is the ink that draws the line from our current location to the shore of greatness we wish to land on.

A man can never achieve greatness without a purpose, and a life devoid of purpose will never be great.

Find your purpose; find your path to greatness.

– Craig James

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