Masculine Strength

This posting on men being designed to possess masculine strength is the first in what will be a series of twelve articles dedicated to examining the unique traits that make men masculine.

As I described within the prologue to this series, the characteristics of masculinity have been intentionally grafted into the design of men. As such, the only way we can actualize our full potential is by recognizing what it means to be masculine and intentionally designing our lives around the cultivation of this reality.

This includes developing the capacity we have to wield and emanate physical strength, which is visibly distinct from the potential for strength harbored by women.

Contrary to the latest liberal propaganda, women simply do not possess the inherent physical capacity for strength that men do. This undeniable truth is most evident when the two genders are pitted in competition against one another.

Men are superior at feats requiring physical strength, because male biology is better equipped for them. This is why a male athlete that’s only considered average has the natural ability to outperform female athletes who are considered to be exemplary in their given sport.

This past year, Andraya Yearwood, a male that self-identifies as female, won the Connecticut high school state championship in the 100 and 200-meter dash events within the women’s division and did so with times that would’ve earned him last place in the men’s field by a significant margin.

Yearwood ran the 100-meter final in 12.66 seconds and the 200-meter final in 26.08 seconds. The last-place times in the boys 100-meter and 200-meter finals were 11.73 seconds and 25.59 seconds, respectively.1

In other words, a mediocre male track athlete was able to take home the state championship in the 100-meter and 200-meter dash events when competing against women. He beat the best of the best among the ladies in his state and wouldn’t have even earned a spot on the roster had he competed against the boys.

In ironic fashion, Andraya’s masculine design has been put on full display by his victory, even as he denies the very existence of the masculinity responsible for his success. No amount of gender dysphoria will change the reality of his being born with a masculine disposition.

Andraya isn’t unique in this regard. As men, none of us can remove the masculinity from within us. We can deny its existence. We can repress it. But it’s there, nonetheless. Living in opposition to this truth is a life lived in rejection of reality. Pain, purposelessness, confusion and desperation inevitably follow.

As men, we’ve been designed with masculine strength in order to utilize it for our benefit and the benefit of society. This gift was given intentionally to us by our Creator – and there is a purpose behind it.

Masculine Strength from Biological Design

Men Have Masculine Strength

The evidence of masculine strength within man’s biological design is indisputable.

Men are several inches taller than women on average. Our bodies have significantly higher muscle-to-fat ratios. Every day our endocrine systems produce up to 20 times the testosterone produced by the female endocrine system.

Men are appreciably stronger as a proportion of total body weight. We’re also stronger as a proportion of muscle mass. We have more muscle fibers than women and also use them more efficiently.

As we grow into adulthood our bodies accumulate considerably more muscle mass than women. Our skeletal structures, joints and tendons are more robust in order to equip our bodies for supporting more intense muscle contractions and moving heavy loads without injury.2

This design for masculine strength isn’t hidden. In fact, it’s quite obvious. It’s evident by the body structures of nearly all men, though it’s made most apparent by masculine men who’ve intentionally nurtured this aspect of their being.

The benefits of unleashing the capacity we have for masculine strength aren’t limited to physiology. By building upon the biological foundation for masculine strength we’ve been gifted we’re able to unlock our potential in many other facets of our masculinity, as well.

In fact, cultivating the full breadth of our masculine design is impossible without a foundation of physical training.

The Far Reaching Benefits of Masculine Strength

Men that are weak in body are also weak in mind. The health of the body and mind are inextricably linked and dependent upon each other.

We can’t achieve our potential in all other areas of life when our bodies are left untrained and neglected, because our entire being suffers from it. Refusing to spend a few hours at the gym each week lifting weights negatively impacts the entirety of our life experience. It’s that important.

Besides, what kind of a man allows his body to atrophy and decay without putting up any kind of resistance to it? This lack of response can only come from one that is afflicted by the corrosive disease that is complacency.

Men that are content with complacency pay for it using the currency of their own potential. Instead of investing in themselves they fund their own demise.

Developing the masculine strength we’ve been designed to possess enhances our lives to such a degree that the return on investment is astronomical. Indeed, the benefits are so expansive that attempting to comprehensively quantify them is an exercise in futility.

When we align our lives in accordance with the masculine strength we’ve been designed to possess we actualize our potential for greatness by:

  • building self-confidence
  • improving energy levels
  • maintaining a positive outlook on life
  • learning the importance of self-discipline
  • becoming lean and muscular
  • increasing libido
  • being more sexually desirable
  • developing a physical stature that emits a commanding, masculine presence
  • making us better able to defend ourselves and our families
  • learning a number of important life lessons
  • expanding our capacity to be virtuous

I want to flesh out that last point, because we often fail to make the connection between being virtuous and possessing physical strength.

It’s impossible to be both impotent and virtuous. For without the ability to enact physical harm on another, choosing not to do so is no longer virtuous but an act of risk management.

Not engaging Conor McGregor to give him a beat-down after he kills your dog is not an act of virtue on your part. You’re not extending mercy or forgiveness. You’re acting in the interest of your own self-preservation. Unless, of course, it’s done while carrying a Glock on your hip.

Power is the vessel in which our potential for displaying virtue is stored. The more physically capable we are, the greater our capacity will be to exhibit virtue.

Theodore Roosevelt put it this way:

“I like to have the man who as a citizen feels, when a wrong is done to the community by any one, when there is an exhibition of corruption or betrayal of trust, or demagogy or violence, or brutality, not that he is shocked and horrified and would like to go home; but I want to have him feel the determination to put the wrong-doer down, to make the man who does wrong aware that the decent man is not only his superior in decency, but his superior in strength.” 3

Our potential for virtue is directly proportional to our actualized physical strength. This dichotomy is inseparable.

Genetics or Behavioral Consequences?

Masculine Strength in Biology

Each of us has the genetic ingredients to build a powerful frame, but it doesn’t happen by accident. We must commit ourselves to advancing God’s design for our bodies with a little design of our own.

A man that trains his body in order to unleash the potential for size and strength encoded in his DNA will gradually sculpt a body that emanates an aesthetic of masculinity. This is what happens when men design their lives around furthering the masculinity within them. Without exception.

Yes, genetics plays a role, but only in terms of governing how high your ceiling is for amassing muscle and strength. Most men that complacently blame their genetics never come close to approaching their physical potential and have no reason to be worried about their genetic disposition holding them back.

I’m not writing this as someone with stellar genetics. I’m fully cognizant of the fact that no matter how much I train, or how dialed in my nutrition is, I’m never going to look like The Rock. Not even close.

My genetic limitations notwithstanding, over the past decade of being committed to strength training and proper nutrition I’ve gained a significant amount of muscle, size and strength. Any man that takes ownership over his body and commits to the building of his physical frame will do the same.

The goal of every man should be to optimize his own potential for physical strength, irrespective of the God-given potential others might be blessed with. Our goal can only be – and should only ever be – to work toward becoming the best version of ourselves.

We work diligently to excel at all that is within our control and rightly disregard all that isn’t.

There will always be somebody bigger and stronger. We can do nothing to change this. The results of others are irrelevant anyway. All that matters is whether or not we’re progressing in comparison to our former selves.

Masculine Strength from Man’s Design

It pains me to see the hoards of men walking around fat, weak and emaciated. Too much sedentary time invested in junk food, video games, porn and Netflix have left them with bulging guts, man-boobs and hormonal profiles that better resemble that of a woman than a man.

This isn’t the result of poor genetics. They’re victims by their own design. Years of incessant masturbation, never picking up a barbell, a diet devoid of meat and eggs, and never stepping outside of their comfort zones have led to their demise. They’ve self-sabotaged their masculinity and are reaping the consequences.

In days gone by, these men would be rightly shamed and ridiculed by their peers, which would serve as healthy motivation for them to get their acts together. Our culture today views this as an act of cruelty and instead encourages individuals to continue on the descendancy toward their own self-destruction. A man enduring through a lifetime of uninhibited emasculation is far worse than receiving a razzing from others in an attempt to prod him toward positive change.

We instinctively recognize the shame that’s due when a man’s potential is laid to waste because he refuses to take advantage of the immense opportunity he’s been given to impact the world. He not only deprives himself of the value of releasing his potential on the world, but he also deprives all others who would benefit from it.

As men, we have the potential to galvanize our bodies with a shield of masculine strength that will radiate masculinity into every aspect of our lives. But we must intentionally design our lives so that we are feeding the potential we have for masculine strength. It can never be actualized otherwise.

This is done by prioritizing consistently making our muscles uncomfortable through resistance training. By making our muscles strain under the load of resistance three or four times a week they will respond and reward us by becoming bigger and stronger over time.

Significant personal growth is always preceded by a time of discomfort. The quicker we learn to embrace being uncomfortable the better. There’s no greater teacher of this truth than physical training.

There’s also nothing more fundamental to a man’s ability to live a life of greatness than the masculine strength it extracts from within him.

– Craig James

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