Musings On the Benefits of Sobriety with Ed Latimore

Warning: You’re about to be challenged to consider sobriety.

Contrary to popular sentiment, there’s nothing masculine or inherently manly about drinking. By its very design alcohol removes the ability to maintain self-control. When a man isn’t in control of himself he becomes a dangerous liability to others and can’t be trusted.

If I were forced to choose a single behavior as being the most detrimental to the ability of men to actualize their God-given potential it would be the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is addictive, dulls the senses, inhibits clear thinking, kills productivity, promotes poor decision making, and distracts us from the pursuit of a greater purpose in life.

Few understand the true magnitude to which alcohol impedes personal growth like those that have committed to living a life of sobriety after spending considerable time mired in its hazy mirage.

Most men believe that they are in full control of their drinking and that the difference it makes in their life is either positive or neutral. In actuality, they’re suffering immensely. They just don’t know it. Or, they know it full well and prefer to live in a delusional state of denial. For by admitting to the damage their drinking is inflicting they’ll be compelled to reduce their consumption of alcohol, or eliminate it altogether, as these are the only logical responses.

To admit that drinking is a net loss activity while continuing to indulge is to live in a state of perpetual cognitive dissonance. Yet this is the state far too many of today’s men are suffering in – and doing so at their own hands.

Today’s guest on the podcast recognized this logical inconsistency in his life, and it led to the fateful decision to give up alcohol, a decision that has continued for nearly four years running. Ed Latimore is a professional boxer, author, speaker, chess player, physics major, intellectual, and virtual mentor to a host of men connected with him on Twitter (@EdLatimore).

Ed Latimore

Ed LatimoreEd has had an incredibly interesting life experience. As such, there are many topics I would have liked to discuss with him. But, as I’ve recognized the bane that alcohol is in the lives of so many men today, I could think of no better person to share about the profound impact of living sober than Ed.

The goal of this podcast is not to demonize all that choose to partake in drinking. The goal is to illuminate the benefits of taking some time away from drinking so that men who stand to gain immensely by doing so (i.e. most men) will be motivated to make that decision and reap the life-changing rewards.

Show Highlights

  • The specific life events that motivated Ed to give up drinking
  • What Ed’s drinking habits were like before he decided to go sober
  • How to objectively determine if you have a drinking problem
  • The odd reactions to expect from others when not drinking at social events
  • How your friends will react to your decision to stop drinking
  • Why some guys that binge drink often actually don’t have a drinking problem
  • The consequences of consuming alcohol most guys fail to consider
  • Why drinking doesn’t actually help with social anxiety and is often harmful to our social interactions with others
  • What to expect if you decide to drink non-alcoholic beers and wines
  • The financial benefits of sobriety
  • Twitter Q&A on sobriety
  • The most pragmatic reason why every guy should consider taking a break from drinking alcohol

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  1. PJ Pires on August 16, 2017

    Man… this so true. Inspired by Ed Latimore I will stop drinking ’till this end of year.

    • Craig James Author on August 16, 2017

      The reason Ed and I recorded this podcast is to point men toward understanding the impact that drinking has on them and the difference it will make by giving it up for a period of time. To see the message resonating with you – and those that follow Ed and I on Twitter – is truly humbling.