The holiday season is over and my body is thankful for it.

You see, masculine men are aligned with the fact that they’ve been given just one body and the responsibility to care for it to the best of their ability. From this awareness logically flows the understanding that a man’s longevity and quality of life will be directly proportional to the health, form, and function of his body.

As a man in tune with my masculinity, I place a high priority on my health and physical appearance. This is why I’m intentional about regularly training my body and feeding it in moderation with nutritious whole foods.

Nevertheless, there are a select few occasions throughout the year when I throw caution to the wind and eat as much food of any kind as my heart desires.

Most of these occasions take place within the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.

‘Tis the Season

'Tis The Season To Overeat

If I’m at a family gathering with the purpose of celebrating a holiday I’m going to eat foods that would normally be off limits in gluttonous portions, well past the point of mere satisfaction, but not so much as to reach the point of feeling ill.

Each year the family arrangements are a little different. This year my family’s Christmas festivities consisted of celebrating on the 23rd, Christmas Eve and Christmas. After three days straight of consuming copious amounts of sugars, carbs and refined fats in the forms of soda, casseroles, pies, cookies, chips & dips, turkey and ham covered in gravy (and everything else I ingested that doesn’t immediately come to mind), my body felt like it was stammering from a toxic-food-overeating hangover.

My energy levels plummeted. My typical laser-like focus was diminished and I was finding myself easily distracted. My motivation to lift was depleted. My overall mood and outlook on life dissipated.

In other words, my body had been partially drained of its masculinity.

Noticing the tangible ways flooding my body with toxic food impacted my being has given me a sense of what most men in western society endure every day of their lives. For a majority of men, the emasculating qualities that followed in the wake of treating my body like a trash can for a few days is the status quo. 

Donuts, sugary cereal, sodas, ice cream, fast food, pizza, and any number of the myriad processed foods available today make up a majority of calories consumed in the daily diets of most men in western society today.

Poor Nutritional Choices Have Emasculating Consequences

Man Emasculated By Poor Nutrition

The abundance of unhealthy, calorie-dense foods within our society still does not make ingesting them a mandate. It’s a choice. And it’s one that has wrought profound consequences on the lives of today’s men.

It has stripped them of their ability to be intellectually sharp, focused, productive, high-energy, motivated, sexually invigorated, and positive in their outlook on life.

It’s impossible for a man to achieve his masculine potential going through life in this emasculated state. Moreover, men who follow an unhealthy lifestyle are exponentially more likely to experience any or all of the following:

  • Debilitating disease
  • Premature death
  • Obesity
  • Low testosterone
  • Unhappy and sexless marriage
  • Depression
  • Inhibited earnings potential
  • Diminished satisfaction with work
  • Raising unhealthy children

This list is far from complete, but it’s sufficient to aptly communicate the point that men who fail to properly care for their bodies are destroying their quality of life and decimating their ability to live up to their masculine potential.

What kind of an example do you think sabotaging your own body sets for your wife and children? And what do you think this immediately communicates to others about your level of self-confidence, self-discipline, and self-worth?

As the head of the family, your wife and kids look to you to provide an example for them of how best to live life.

As the head of the family, your wife and kids look to you to provide an example for them of how best to live life. Click To Tweet

Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. They observe you to determine by your actions the things that are most deserving of your time and energy.

Every man ensconced in an unhealthy lifestyle is passing down the same sub-par habits to his wife and children. If this describes you, you must understand that by your lifestyle choices you’re damaging the future potential of your wife and kids through the unacceptable example you’re setting.

Realize that you’re leaving an undesirable lasting legacy that will permeate down to your children and their future progeny.

The way you live your life as a man is a powerful influence in the lives of your family members. Whether that power is a blessing or a curse to your lineage for generations to come is in your hands. Masculine men use this power wisely for the benefit it provides their clan in the present and for future generations to come.

Actions speak loudly, but our physical appearance communicates just as clearly what we value and who we are as men.

We’re sized up by others from the moment we come into their vision. Our physical presence is the first and most impactful attribute others use to evaluate us before we’ve ever had the opportunity to exchange pleasantries or engage in small talk.

Being overweight or obese immediately communicates to others that you lack self-discipline. You may very well be a disciplined person in other areas of your life. In the realm of first impressions it doesn’t matter. Men and women instinctively perceive the maintenance of the body to deserve the utmost priority. Failure to display the desire and ability to succeed in this area implicitly displays incompetence in all others.

I’m not saying this is fair, because I don’t believe that it is. But it is reality. You can either choose to play by its rules or defy it.

Reality always wins. I suggest you play by its rules.

Calling Today’s Men Back To Reality

Own Your Body and Own Your Masculinity

The feminists and beta males among us have attempted to trivialize the epidemic of soft, uninitiated men by pontificating that dad bods are sexy. Masculine men are berated to stop fat-shaming their brethren who are lacking in health, strength and other desirable masculine attributes.

They fail to understand, however, that these attempts to sway masculine men in their convictions are doomed from the outset. While they may bring a false sense of comfort to the emasculated and undisciplined, masculine men understand the value of truth and are unafraid to deliver hard truths to those whose lives are dependent upon hearing them.

We see past the lies being pushed by a degenerate feminized society and we fight against them. We refuse to encourage our fellow men to emasculate themselves while eating their way to the development of obesity, heart disease or diabetes, just as we are against encouraging an alcoholic among us to indulge in his drink of choice.

Men battling with ruinous perversions desperately need to hear the truth. Encouraging them down the path of self-destruction is both cowardly and heartless. No amount of lobbying or subterfuge from social justice warriors is going to change this.

Admittedly, when delivering hard truths sympathy can often get neglected. This is especially true when men are the messengers because we’re logical by design. Our thought and communication processes reflect our logical nature, so the value of emotion is lost within our necessarily blunt messages.

This posting is no exception, so I want to make clear that I’m in no way implying here that men exhibiting frivolous eating habits and lazily allowing their masculinity to slowly decay away should hate themselves.

This is not a call for self pity.

The insufferable, emasculated saps who will choose to wallow in their own self pity after hearing a hard truth are deserving of the destitute fate that awaits them. Self pity is to be despised. It provides no value, is counterproductive, obstructs necessary change, and is therefore something deserving of our contempt.

I’m giving you truth with the hope of bringing you back into the fold of living consistent with your masculine nature.

As men we must be able to give and accept hard truths as constructive criticism, which is what I’m giving here. I will not stand by while the men around me are suffering at the hands of circumstances that are completely avoidable.

It’s never acceptable to remain silent out of fear that we may cause hurt feelings while those around us are suffering through a self-induced, contemptible existence.

Truth often invokes emotion and this can include hurt feelings. This isn’t necessarily harmful, though. In fact, hurt feelings often act as a necessary catalyst for change.

This is a call for corrective action.

This is a call for you to take control of your body. Feed it with nutritious fruits, vegetables and animal proteins. Build strength and improve your cardiovascular health through weight lifting and conditioning training.

Reclaiming your masculinity must include owning the quality of your body.

Owning your body will serve to lead your family and friends by setting an example that is to be envied by those around you. So take the actions necessary to live in such a way that those in your life who emulate your masculine example will be blessed by it.

You must own your body before you can own your masculinity.

– Craig James




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  1. Philip Braselmann on July 13, 2017

    If you feed your body shit, your body will become shit.
    If you feed your brain with shit, you will be shit.

    It is that easy, funnily enough, most people don’t get that.

    • Craig James Author on July 13, 2017

      People get so used to feeling and performing less than optimally that over time they don’t even recognize the problem anymore. Low energy and brain function becomes normal. They just assume this is everybody’s experience, not realizing they’re slowly killing themselves. It should be common sense that feeding the machine that is the human body with “fuels” that make it fatter, inflamed, and sick is going to make it run less efficiently and lead to premature end of life.

      • Philip Braselmann on July 21, 2017

        Well, this is why the world needs people like you, to tell them obvious things & beyond.