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Personal financial planning is something that can have major long-term implications for our lives. This truth can be ignored to our detriment or used to our advantage. Unfortunately, this is an aspect of men’s lives that often goes neglected, leaving their families to live with crippling debt and a bleak financial future.

As masculine leaders of the home, one of our many responsibilities is to lead the effective management of our family’s finances. Moreover, how we spend, save and invest the money we earn today will have compounding consequences over time.

Well managed money early in one’s working life will return substantial dividends over the course of a career of three or more decades. On the other hand, being poor stewards of the money we earn can saddle us with excessive debt and place extreme, undue stress on our families.

It’s been estimated that married couples fight more over financial matters than anything else. Therefore, having a well-considered strategy in place for the management of our family’s finances will go a long way toward alleviating arguments over money that are largely preventable, unnecessary, and completely unproductive.

There are a number of different angles that need to be considered in order to determine the best strategies for spending and investing the money we earn. Obviously, the aim should be to spend and invest in a way that works in favor of our long-term financial goals and not against them.

Nevertheless, devising a comprehensive blueprint from which to manage our finances can be overwhelming. This puts most families living pay check to pay check without any standard they can use to evaluate the sensibilities of their financial decisions, big or small.

And we wonder why American homes have an average of nearly $6,000 in credit card debt and so many marriages are ended over financial disagreements.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Today’s podcast guest joins me to discuss the foundational factors we need to consider when formulating a strategy for our personal financial planning.

Ryan Stephens

Ryan Stephens - Personal Financial PlanningRyan Stephens is a marketing strategist and entrepreneur who has a passion for helping men take ownership over their financial destinies.

Ryan has achieved financial success in his own life by developing and implementing a 5-pillar strategy to guide his personal pursuit of excellence.

Today he joins me on the podcast to share the keys to his financial success so that every man listening can use them to level up his personal or family finances in similar fashion.

Show Highlights

  • What tracking your spending will teach you about your spending habits
  • The striking similarities between fitness and finance
  • The long-term consequences of credit card debt that many perilously ignore
  • How to eliminate credit card debts most effectively
  • The best way to track your spending (and best tools to organize it)
  • Why it’s essential for you to start investing money as soon as possible
  • How to properly leverage the benefits of a Roth IRA
  • How to “find” extra money in your budget
  • The best strategies for earning more money from your current employer
  • How to stretch your earnings potential using your spare time
  • The importance of diversifying your revenue streams
  • Why everyone has something they can produce that others will find valuable

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  1. Ryan Stephens on September 21, 2017

    Thanks for having me on, Craig. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and hope that it helps a handful of your listeners get a handle on their finances — or, at the very least, an understanding of where to start.

    • Craig James Author on September 21, 2017

      I really enjoyed the conversation, as well, Ryan. You provided some excellent and practical advice that today’s men need to hear. Thanks for being a guest on the show, brother.