Polish Off The Stains Covering the Canvas of Your Masculinity

The tarnishing of masculinity in the West is being carried out as a coordinated effort. It’s true that we have little control over the actions being taken by outside forces to undermine the power and value of masculinity living within us. What many men fail to understand, however, is that we have absolute control over whether we allow these schemes to separate us from our masculine nature or not.

We are always in control of how we respond to situations. And it is how one responds in the face of outside pressures that will determine the overall trajectory of their life.

Those that allow external forces to strip them of their drive to live out their convictions will suffer in a silent state of desperation, perpetually unable to reconcile their innate ambitions with their actions (or lack of action). Such is the state of modern men in the West.

As a result, emasculated western men love playing the victim. It’s nothing but a psychological ploy to convince themselves that they bear no responsibility for their insufferable circumstances. Thus, they maintain the feeble mindset of the blood of their discontentment being on the hands of others. They’re only fooling themselves.

Nearly all of what prevents western men in 2017 from pursuing greatness is self-inflicted. Instead of polishing off the stains left by an emasculated culture as it splatters the canvas of his masculinity, he complacently allows the stains to accumulate until his canvas has been rendered worthless.

In today’s posting I’m going to focus on three of the most prevalent stains covering the masculinity of men today.

The Stain of Fear and Worry

Fear holds men captive. It enslaves them in perpetuity to a life of mediocrity.

Focusing on fear will paralyze a man. It toggles his perspective to a state of dysfunction. Instead of fixing his gaze on what he desires for his life, and pursuing it with a mindset that is pissed off for success, his fears cement him in a life devoid of personal progress.

His fear prevents him from acting, learning, growing and leading. It drowns out the irrational confidence that masculine men hone, knowing they will succeed at whatever they put their minds to.

A worry-infected man, however, takes no risks and receives no reward. His life is stagnant, as all that is detestable in his life will remain indefinitely. There is no other alternative, because he’s too fearful to do what is necessary to change it.

He’s so terrified of failure that the possibility of success never enters his mind.

And what will others think of him? While he shouldn’t give a damn, he does, because he worries about everything.

One of the surest ways to be stuck in a life of discontented mediocrity is to live your life according to the low expectations others have for you. To hell with what others think.

A masculine man sets the expectations for his life. They are his alone, and he pursues them unconcerned with what those around him think about it.

Fear and worry rob a man of his masculine vigor. These emotions are worthless except in life-or-death circumstances and should be shunned whenever they’re recognized.

Live life on your terms. Have a fearless demeanor ensconced in irrational self-confidence. If you fail, so what? At least you stayed true to yourself. Dust yourself off and keep moving forward setting goals and improving yourself.

Worry won’t change your life. Acting on your convictions to better yourself will.

“Do not worry about your life… Can any one of you add a single hour to your life by worrying?… Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” 1

The Stain of Negativity

Power of Negativity

Negative men are a detriment to themselves, their families, their employers and society. Negativity is cancerous and must be eliminated the moment it’s recognized in the life of a masculine man.

A negative man infects his family, friends and colleagues with his “disease”. The contagiousness of negativity has proliferated this illness to the point of being endemic among emasculated men today. The immunization against a mindset of negativity is positivity and self-confidence.

Unfortunately, far too many men have declined to inoculate themselves. They’re obsessed with what everyone else has that they don’t. They expend enormous sums of energy on analyzing all the made up excuses as to how the world is holding them down. Their energy is absorbed by incessant complaining until the tank is empty and there’s no fuel left to apply toward improving their station in life.

The positivity and irrational confidence of a masculine man sets him apart from the emasculated pack. His positive, confident masculinity shining like a lighthouse in a dark sea of complainers only enhances his value that much more. This is to his immense benefit – and the benefit of all that find themselves under his influence or leadership.

The success of others doesn’t perturb him toward despondency. It shows him what’s possible and motivates him to action. He sets his mind on what he needs to do to accomplish his goals – and attain his life’s desires – knowing he will succeed before he begins.

A negative mindset is cultivated when a man feels powerless. Feeling impotent to control his circumstances, he turns to placing blame and making excuses for all that is undesirable in his life.

Modern men in the West are drinking the poisoned Kool-Aid of negativity while pouring cups for others to join in the collective suicide of their masculine ambition.

Every area of a man’s life is compromised when he embraces a mindset of negativity. Do it and your demise will be imminent.

The Stain of Distraction

Opportunities for distraction are endless. My phone’s screen has presciently illuminated with notifications and chirped its attention-commanding tones at me more times than I can count while writing this posting.

I ignored the tinge in my spine that percolated up my torso each time my phone beckoned me. I was one step ahead of my attention-hoarding electronic sidekick, as it was intentionally left across the room to make sure I stayed on the grind with the time I had available to write this morning.

Smartphones, kids, household chores, social media, the 24/7 news cycle, video games, sports, porn, and endless content for absorption on the web, captivates the attention of modern man. He spends his days entertained from sunup to sundown in a near-comatose state.

The panoply of distractions available to us is both a blessing and a curse. We have endless entertainment and the answer to almost any question at our fingertips. This amazing technology makes a wonderful servant but a terrible master. The latter describes the relationship nearly all men have with today’s technology.

It owns the lives of most men today. The limited time a man has with his wife and children to positively impact their lives is compromised. He’s glued to the television, arguing politics with “friends” on Facebook, has his face buried in his phone at the dinner table, or is distracted by any number of other “shiny objects” vying for his attention.

Is it any wonder so many men are unsatisfied with the lives they’ve built for themselves, living in sexless marriages, and being disrespected by their children?

Also, how many dudes take pride in their knowledge of sports or current events while their bodies are fat, weak, and unattractive? They spend their time on activities that couldn’t be more inconsequential, while refusing to take ownership over their health and physical appearance.

The stain of distraction has too many of our brethren misusing the time they’ve been given on this earth to pursue their masculine potential and have a lasting, positive impact on the world.

They’re wasting the gifts of intellect, marriage, fatherhood, leadership, physical prowess, and creativity – all gifts that are uniquely theirs as masculine men. This needs to end.

Stop letting fear and negativity control you; Put down the phone; Pay attention to your wife and kids so you can invest in their lives; Lead them and lead yourself.

If you don’t, someone else will.

– Craig James

P.S. If you enjoyed this article, you can listen to my podcast where I discuss the stains on modern man’s masculinity in greater detail:

1 Excerpted from Matthew 6:25-34 (lightly paraphrased)




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