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Every man needs a mission in life to give him an overarching sense of purpose and fulfillment. For the man that has committed himself to marriage and is responsible for the creation of human life, it is his duty, obligation and honor to dedicate part of his masculine mission to leading, providing, protecting, teaching, motivating and guiding his queen and his heirs.

Today’s guest on the podcast embodies what it means to be a family man on a mission. Hunter Drew is committed to using his masculinity to continually enhance his own value as a man in order to maintain an invigorated marriage and raise his children to be exceptional within a culture that encourages mediocrity.

We discuss the role that masculine men are designed to fill within the family, how our example sets the bar of what is acceptable, and what the destructive consequences are when a man fails to step up to the call of being his family’s masculine leader. The podcast is full of relatable personal anecdotes from Hunter and I that underline the successes and challenges of raising kids and building a satisfying marriage in today’s fast paced, feminized world.

It’s all discussed and analyzed through the lens of Red Pill philosophy, which leads to some interesting twists throughout our conversation.

Hunter’s unbridled enthusiasm for life, motivational demeanor, and uncanny ability to articulate truth through personal storytelling is on full display from start to finish. It’ll be impossible for a man to be the same husband and father after listening to this as he was before.

Show Highlights

  • Hunter describes the life experiences that led him to spit up the Blue Pill and swallow the Red Pill
  • What led Hunter to start blogging on as a way to help married men rekindle their masculine spirit
  • Why married men often benefit from swallowing the Red Pill more than single guys do
  • Why Hunter chose to leave a promising career in the Navy to devote himself to leading his family
  • Why men are so resistant to accepting Red Pill truths
  • How the bond of masculinity among men transcends race and religion
  • How to respond as a masculine father when your son gets into his first fistfight
  • How to pull the potential out of your kids and train them to be exceptional
  • Why a man’s leadership responsibilities are only just beginning at the end of his workday
  • What to do to create family memories that will last a lifetime (Hunter calls this “hanging Polaroids”)
  • What the husband’s role in marriage is and what the consequences are when he fails to fill it
  • How to go about reclaiming your role as the masculine leader of the family
  • What to do to increase the sexual attention you’re getting from your wife
  • How to get your wife’s sexual best
  • How to choose the right girl before getting married
  • Twitter Q&A session

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  1. Rugby11 on July 27, 2017

    Hell Yeah

    • Craig James Author on July 28, 2017

      Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for the share on SoundCloud, brother.

  2. Philip Braselmann on July 29, 2017

    I always giggle when I hear Redpill and marriage in one sentence.
    However, some people find the red pill while they are married, it will save them.
    People that marry despite knowing about the Redpill need to a cheating wife and a divorce, they clearly didn’t learn yet.

    • Craig James Author on August 7, 2017

      The Red Pill does not encompass the whole of male/female relational dynamics. It’s merely a heuristic that accurately describes inter-gender sexual strategies. While sexual strategy is a powerful driver in the behaviors of men and women, and is essential for men to come to terms with, humans are more than just their sexual appetites. In other words, understanding sexual strategy is critical, but it is not all-encompassing. Pat Stedman recently published a stellar essay that explains this concept in further detail: