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Today we’re going to be talking style tips for men. Style is something most men write off as being unimportant or not worth spending the time and effort developing.

I’ll admit that I don’t often put much thought into the combination of clothes I use to cover my body each day.

As men, we readily recognize how women effectively use style to enhance their ability to communicate beauty, grace and elegance. In fact, this is the predominant way in which they capture male attention.

Yet, for some reason we fail to understand that we also should be using style to our advantage in life. The right style enables us to display strength, value, physical aesthetics and confidence to the world.

This is an area every man needs be thinking about and working to optimize. As with any other aspect of our lives that we desire to improve, we should expect that it will take some initial effort and personal discomfort to level up our style.

But, where do we begin? What style is going to best complement our lifestyle and personality? Where do we shop for clothing? How much do we need to budget in order to develop and maintain a masculine style?

Today I welcome Tanner Guzy on the podcast to address these questions (and many more).

Tanner Guzy

Style Tips for Men - Tanner GuzyTanner is the owner of, a website committed to coaching men on developing a masculine style they can call their own.

He pursues this mission from the basic premise that a man’s clothing communicates who he his, what he thinks of himself, and plays a part in determining the respect he commands (or fails to command) from those he crosses paths with. A man without style is a man that’s failing to communicate his authentic self to the world.

Tanner is a virtual storehouse of wisdom when it comes to style tips for men.

His philosophies on style are backed by a prolific understanding of the psychological underpinnings that make them so effective. In fact, the psychological dynamic of masculine style is a recurrent theme throughout our conversation.

Tanner understands how a man should approach crafting his personal sense of style. But, most importantly, he knows why doing so will elicit the desired results.

I can honestly say that I’ve never walked away from a discussion on men’s style feeling so educated and ready to take action on what I’d just learned.

I’m confident you’ll feel the same way after listening to our discussion.

Show Highlights

  • The tangible benefits you can expect to receive by improving your style
  • What a man’s style communicates to others
  • How to use your style to advance in your career
  • How to use style to gain an edge on the competition with women
  • Why style benefits unattractive, out of shape men more than attractive, fit men
  • Why dressing your age is actually a good thing
  • How dressing up in the wrong situation can be a bad idea
  • What to wear to display your personal style while at the gym
  • What to look for when buying a new suit (and where to buy it)
  • How to know which colors will best complement your complexion
  • How to dress for your body type
  • How to upgrade your style while on a limited budget

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