The Power of Action with Kyle Eschenroeder

Men today have lost touch with the power of action. We seek out sedentary comfort over personal progress. As a result, we’ve all but forgotten the immeasurable value we gain through action.

This includes the path action lays ahead of us that leads us to the discovery of purpose.

If you’re a man who’s currently lacking a purpose in life, action is the only conduit through which you will ultimately find it. You’ll never find purpose in life while you’re steeped in inaction.

The consequences of men failing to understand and utilize the power of action have been devastating.

The life of the modern man lacks excitement. He foolishly aims to vicariously find fulfillment through the admiration of other men. Opting for a mindset of complacency, he spends his time admiring those that have what he desires, instead of putting in the work required to earn it for himself.

Indeed, there’s a significant percentage of today’s men who could tell you every major accomplishment of their favorite sports players, yet are unable to articulate the personal accomplishments for which they are equally proud.

Taking pride in the accomplishments of others doesn’t scratch the itch we have to self-actualize our innate desire to display value of our own. The allure of comfort leaves many men kicking the proverbial can of their own ambition down the road. The years pass and, before they know it, the road of life ends in a sinkhole of regrets.

It’s easy for us to conceptually agree with the importance of taking action. Putting the concept into practice can prove to be much more challenging.

How do we take action when we aren’t motivated? What about the risks of failure? Where do we start?

My guest on today’s podcast joins me to discuss the answers to these questions, along with many others related to the power of action.

Kyle Eschenroeder

Power of Action - Kyle Eschenroeder

I first became familiar with Kyle’s work after reading a couple of guest postings he authored for The Art of Manliness. The depth and breadth of his insights on the topic of action within these postings immediately struck me as being incredibly well developed.

I felt like I was reading The War of Art by Steven Pressfield on steroids.

He has since compiled these profound insights into a short book, The Pocket Guide to Action: 116 Meditations on the Art of Doing.

In today’s podcast Kyle and I discuss a number of the ideas in Kyle’s book, though there are many more that we were unable to flesh out due to time constraints.

I suggest being ready with a pen and paper so you can take notes while you listen in to this episode of the Mancast. The ideas discussed are both pragmatic and powerful.

They’ve had a dramatic impact on my life. I’m confident they’ll do the same for yours.

Show Highlights

  • How to discern the difference between right action and wrong action
  • What the costs of inaction are and how they compare to the potential costs of taking action
  • Why the idea that action requires motivation is a farce
  • How to combat the temptation to seek comfort by taking bold action
  • How to view failure (and why failure is sometimes worse than inaction)
  • The difference between taking action and being busy
  • How meditation and times of rest can be forms of positive action
  • Why patience is sometimes the best action we can take
  • How success from consistent action acts as a step function
  • Why it’s important to plan for action
  • The difference between satisficers and maximizers
  • How to deal with those that hate on you for taking action
  • Strategies for eliminating anything that distracts us from the actions we need to be taking

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