Positive Masculinity with Rollo Tomassi

Positive masculinity is a term that has all but been purged from the cultural lexicon in the West as masculinity is vilified in ad nauseam fashion.

Males who express their belief that men should lead with confidence and defend the family are branded as ascribing to a form of “toxic masculinity”. The only beliefs and behaviors men can exhibit today without receiving this designation are those that align with the feminine traits women and their beta male counterparts have determined to a more “healthy” version of masculinity.

Men must always be agreeable; we must always resist the use of physical force; we must never presume to speak on behalf of our families; and we must never correct a woman, no matter how dangerously erroneous her thinking might be.

Our culture’s vocabulary has even evolved to reflect these truths. Those of us that believe in traditional gender roles are swiftly discredited by the emasculated masses. We’re either accused of misogyny or are completely disregarded under the pretense of mansplaining.

Mansplaining. You know, that thing that happens when men daftly assert their gender superiority by daring not to acquiesce to the whimsical fancies of a woman. All sarcasm aside, it’s clear that the term mansplaining is nothing more than an attempt to use newly invented language to denigrate men and intimidate them into silence.

Call me crazy, but disregarding the opinions of a person based solely on their gender sounds a little sexist.

Of course, that’s how the culture fights today. We fight perceived oppression with our own brand of oppression and then wonder why oppression only continues to proliferate.

The oppression and suppression of male masculinity starts early and is culturally ubiquitous. By the time boys are old enough to realize what’s going on they’ve already been subjugated to a feminine conditioning for so long that to break out of it is damn near a miracle.

My guest on today’s podcast has spent the last decade examining this cultural evolution and its effects on society. He joins me to discuss how this dynamic came to be and the detrimental impact its having on the lives of men today, specifically as it pertains to marriage and fatherhood.

Rollo Tomassi

Rollo Tomassi - Positive MasculinityRollo is the owner of TheRationalMale.com, a website dedicated to expounding upon what is known as the red pill of intergender sexual dynamics. He’s also the author of a series of three books bearing The Rational Male title.

His latest book in the series is The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity.

In this book, Rollo dedicates many of its pages to explicating how society has been recently conditioned to disparage conventional masculinity – and he does it with a sharp focus on the implications it’s had on today’s husbands and fathers.

After reading Positive Masculinity I asked Rollo to come on the podcast to talk through the profound ideas it fleshes out, which he does in vivid detail. Rollo’s depth of understanding on Red Pill intergender sexual dynamics really shines throughout our conversation.

The content of our discussion will be revolutionary for those of you who aren’t familiar with Rollo’s work, while proving to be uniquely insightful for those that are.

Show Highlights

  • A primer on female hypergamy and male blue pill conditioning 
  • How Red Pill philosophies should be specifically applied by married men
  • What competition anxiety is and how to use it to maintain a healthy, sexually invigorated marriage
  • Why married men must communicate through demonstration, not explication
  • How young boys are taught to loathe their masculinity and the disastrous consequences this leads to
  • Strategies for fathers to teach and exemplify conventional masculinity for their sons and daughters
  • The greatest “gift” we can give to our sons
  • How to properly use the concept of amused mastery when raising our daughters
  • What a father’s living example implicitly teaches his daughter about men
  • The real reason modern suicide rates are much higher in men than women

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Connect With Rollo Tomassi

The Rational Male - Positive MasculinityRollo’s Website: TheRationalMale.com
Follow Rollo On Twitter: @RationalMale
Rollo’s Books on Amazon.com:
The Rational Male
The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine
The Rational Male – Positive Masculinity

Podcast References:

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The Best of Rational Male – Year One

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  1. Celtic Man on September 28, 2017

    I am familiar with Rollo and Red Pill. I would like to add a recommendation that this podcast can serve as a 2 hour Primer for any man that has interest in the subject.

    You’ve led Rollo to start at the beginning and this really benefits the newbie as well as the seasoned. I’ve heard Rollo interviewed a few times. This was the best so far. Kudos to both of you for staying on task and keeping it interesting.

    Finally there’s a lot of great stuff in that last half hour so I encourage all to ride it out. “Amused Mastery” is a term I will be using myself.

    • Craig James Author on September 28, 2017

      Thanks Celtic Man. My intent going in was to make sure the discussion wasn’t had under the assumption that our listeners were familiar with the content we’d be covering. The goal was to make it appreciable for veterans of Red Pill philosophy and rookies alike. I’m happy to hear this objective was achieved. I appreciate your compliments and support!

  2. FITZ on October 4, 2017

    Awhile back my wife once asked me why I felt the need to mansplain something to her. I took possession of the term and replied ‘I have to mansplain this to you because you don’t understand this concept, you womanstand it’. Haven’t herd her utter the term since.

    • Craig James Author on October 4, 2017

      Well played. Fortunately, my wife finds the modern version of feminism insufferable, so I’ll never have to deal with her accusing me of ‘mansplaining’ anything.

  3. Randy on October 6, 2017

    One of the best guests regarding masculinity if not the best. Great interview. Lots of useful information