Use Your Masculinity to Advance Your Career in Corporate America

Corporate America is where most men today are applying their skills to earn a living, and it’s become an increasingly challenging environment in which to advance one’s career. Human resources departments, constrained staffing budgets and demanding shareholders all work together to ensure a company is getting the most out of its employees. And when I say getting the most out its employees, I mean paying them as little as possible while keeping them productive and on the payroll.

Working for a Fortune 100 company for the past 10 years, I’ve personally experienced living in the doldrums of 2-3% annual raises. I also quickly realized that this was not acceptable to me. It wasn’t congruent with my long-term career goals and didn’t adequately compensate me for the exemplary work I was performing.

The problem was that management didn’t know my true value to them or the company, because I wasn’t making it evident to them. To my bosses, I was just another member of the team.

That didn’t last long. As I continued working, while maintaining my masculine frame, I naturally began separating myself from my colleagues. My bosses soon realized I was different. I brought a value, work ethic, ambition, and sense of irrational confidence to my department that set me apart from most others at my company.

With so many men living emasculated lives, it isn’t difficult for a masculine man to stand out from the pack in corporate America.

Nevertheless, bosses have a lot on their plates, and they won’t always recognize how valuable you are as fast as you’d like. So it’s up to you to show them. Refusing to do what is necessary to increase the value you bring to your company – and prove it to your bosses – will cement your standing as just another average employee. Your salary will reflect this, severely limiting your lifetime earning potential.

I hope that this is unacceptable to you. As a masculine man, you should desire greatness and despise the thought of wasting your potential.

So if you’re early in your career, or have experienced a stagnation in your career advancement, I want to help you by imparting the wisdom I’ve gained from living out my masculinity to make significant advances in my career within corporate America. As iron sharpens iron, men ascend the ladder of their potential most efficiently when they are able to learn from those who have gone before them.

In today’s podcast, I share the core principles that have empowered me to earn 4 promotions and double my salary in corporate America in a matter of 8 years, launching me into six-figure status.

In this podcast I cover the following:

  • Staying positive when presented with adversity at work
  • How to prove your worth to your company in order to earn a promotion (or multiple promotions)
  • The constant, yet silent, negotiation of your salary
  • The power of keeping your promises
  • How to separate yourself from your colleagues by speaking up and acting out
  • What to do to continually increase your value as an employee
  • The strategy of seeing your work from all different angles to be more efficient
  • Determining when it’s time to move on to a new company with greener pastures

Listen to the podcast using the SoundCloud audio player below:

Podcast references and notes:

Reference: Get your copy of my free book, “Masculine by Design”

Note 1: I state that I doubled my salary in four years time within the podcast. This is not accurate. I increased my salary by 50% over four years and doubled it over a span of eight years (also during an economic recession).

Note 2: Not mentioned in the podcast is the importance of physical appearance. Having a fit body that is sharply dressed and well groomed is crucial to your advancement in the workplace. It may be superficial, but this is how executives and those in higher positions within corporate America present themselves. As the saying goes: You should be dressing for the job you want, not the job you have.

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– Craig James




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  1. Philip Braselmann on August 2, 2017

    Well, I never climbed the ladder whatever I did. They actually thought they own me and treated me like shit. Someday I was tired of it, flipped them the middle finger and quit.

    Now I can finance myself with my own business.

    • Craig James Author on August 2, 2017

      Some companies will choose not to compensate the value their employees bring. These are companies that will fail to remain competitive in the long run, because they will lose top talent to their competitors, and they aren’t worth investing our future in. You responded to this set of circumstances exactly as I would (and as I suggested in the podcast): cut your ties and move on to greener pastures.

      • Philip Braselmann on August 3, 2017

        I don’t understand how such people can start a serious business. Maybe they forgot how it is to be treated like shit (which is why most start a business in the first place).

        Other founders just hire managers who will then treat everyone like shit without the boss knowing anything about that.