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A virtual pandemic of low testosterone exists among men today. It’s been estimated that the average amount of testosterone coursing through the body of today’s 25-year-old men may be only half of what it was just a century ago.

The factors responsible for this epidemic of declining male testosterone are both numerous and complex. Causal considerations notwithstanding, the impact low testosterone is having on individual men and the societies in which they live is undeniable.

Collectively, men are depressed, weak, unassertive, sexually impotent, intellectually dull, unmotivated and discontented with life. The modern societal structure that teaches males to loathe their masculinity only serves to compound the devastation.

Fortunately, modern medicine has begun to step in and provide treatment options for men suffering from the effects of low testosterone.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) has grown to a position of prominence over the past decade. In fact, millions of men are now using it to replenish the hormone most directly responsible for empowering us to express all that makes us masculine.

While the benefits TRT is affording men today are revolutionary, many remain apprehensive about starting a program that is intended to manipulate or imitate the body’s natural hormone production processes. I don’t blame them.

Many questions immediately come to mind:

What are the potential side effects? How much will it cost? How is TRT different than taking steroids? Will I have to inject myself? How long will I have to be on TRT? How quickly will I see an improvement?

These are perfectly reasonable questions. Oftentimes, the best way to determine if something is right for you is to find those who are doing it and listen to what they have to say about their experience.

Today’s guest on the podcast is a man that suffered under the strain of low testosterone for years before finally figuring out what was ailing him. He’s lived with low-T and is now successfully using TRT to optimize this critical hormone.

Lloyd (a.k.a. Business and Bullets)

Lloyd - TRT Benefits OverviewLloyd is a business man, entrepreneur, husband, father, hunter and gun enthusiast.

His website is Business and Bullets, where Lloyd shares his experiences in life as he pursues his mission to live free, make money, and pack iron.

His online content touches nearly every aspect of what it means to live and thrive as a man. And this includes his personal struggles with weight loss and muscular atrophy as a consequence of having low testosterone.

It’s important to note that Lloyd is not a doctor. As such, he isn’t qualified to give medical advice. However, you may be surprised to learn that this is exactly why I asked him to come on the podcast.

You see, not being a medical professional gives Lloyd the ability to detail his personal experiences using TRT, while breaking down the most common questions guys have about it in a way that is simple to comprehend.

This also removes any lingering questions about his motives. Lloyd isn’t here to sell testosterone enhancing supplements and he isn’t affiliated with any TRT clinics.

He’s here to give an every man’s perspective on what it’s like to live in the shadow of low testosterone and how TRT has imbued his life with a newfound masculine radiance.

Show Highlights

  • How to determine if you’re suffering from low testosterone
  • What life is like before and after starting a TRT program
  • What a low testosterone test result looks like
  • The increase in free testosterone to expect after using TRT
  • How to find a quality TRT clinic (warning: there are many bad ones out there)
  • The monthly cost of being on Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • How long you can expect to remain on a TRT program
  • The health risks associated with TRT
  • The lifestyle changes you can make to naturally increase testosterone
  • How modern life is emasculating men by destroying their hormones

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  1. Vincent Menniti on October 18, 2017

    Listened to the show. Thanks for the tanning reference. I’ve been putting off TRT for awhile now – I’m 25. Reading “It’s been estimated that the average amount of testosterone coursing through the body of today’s 25-year-old men may be only half of what it was just a century ago.” was unnerving.

    After this show I’m making an appointment.

    • Craig James Author on October 18, 2017

      Good to hear, Vincent. I hope your numbers turn out fine. While TRT can be a savior, it’s certainly better to not need it. I’d like you to know that your article referenced in the podcast and show notes has motivated me to consider a tanning package for this winter. Great article, brother.